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For further information, go to PACFA/ARCAP page.

PACFA requirements for Peer Supervision

The requirements in relation to Peer Supervision were updated on the Form to reflect the definition of Peer Supervision contained in the PACFA Training Standards 2012.

Peer supervision – The 10 hours of supervision can be peer supervision only if practitioners have been listed as Clinical Registrants with PACFA continuously for at least 5 years. Peer supervision is a formal process where clinicians contract to provide collegial critiquing and enhancement of each other’s clinical work. Colleagues or peers work together for mutual benefit, rotating the roles of supervisor and supervisee. Peer supervision can be undertaken as a dyad or within a small group of no more than 6 members.

What are the CCAA/PACFA Supervision Standards and how will that affect me?

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Melbourne (Victoria)

Sydney (New South Wales)

  • Magdalena Liem, Epping & North Parramatta offers Group Supervision of Individual Work as well as Group Supervision for Couple work - check out Magdalena's listing for brochures on her groups.

Brisbane / Gold Coast (Queensland)

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